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At Smart Kids Development Center, we instill children with a love for learning and new experiences—because we believe that this is the first step to every child’s success. Contact our Salt Lake City location for more information on our enrollment options.

Preschool and Development Center for Kids in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Welcome to Smart Kids Development Center—the springboard for your child’s lifelong learning.

We are one of the trusted preschool and daycare centers for kids in Utah. In our preschool for kids, children are cared for in a facility designed to ensure safety and encourage learning. Each day, your child will receive age-appropriate education and nutritious meals; they will also receive genuine love and care from our highly qualified teachers.

Qualified Educators

Our educators, who have all completed their study in early childhood education, will teach your child using varying combinations of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction. They will also provide your child with experiences that can last a lifetime, from decorating the room at Christmas time to playing outdoors to experience some tactile fun.

At Smart Kids Development Center, all our activities will prepare them for continuing education.

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Honing All Types of Intelligence

We particularly follow Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligence, which means we do not only hone two types of intelligence but seven:

  • Verbal
  • Computational
  • Interpersonal
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Musical Intelligence
  • Spatial-Visual
  • Intrapersonal

We cater to all interests and encourage each child to create their own masterpieces.

Bilingual, Brain-Focused Education

Apart from that, we provide bilingual education; we teach Spanish, as well as sign language. We also offer after school care for kids and even hold special events like summer camps for kids.


Smart Kids Development Center
3868 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Ut, 84115
Call : 801.266.1544
Fax : 801-966-8664
Mail : smartkidschildcare@yahoo.com

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Toddlers are only at the beginning of their educational careers. The quick rate of their developmental skills keeps our teachers excited and at a constant pace for their growing curriculum and age-appropriate strengths.

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Each staff member undergoes:

Extensive background checks including an annual FBI Records update

First-aid and CPR training update every two years

More than 20 hours of professional development training per year