About us

From the statement of Smart Kids:

“Our development programs are fun, age appropriate and enhance and motivate the learning process. We have preschool, psycho-motor activities, arts and crafts, music, games, Spanish lessons and four nutritious meals everyday, but most important – our teachers are patient, loving, nurturing and highly trained.”

Katia Lopez, the founder and director, is a native from Peru. She has ran a successful business since 2008. With her bachelors degree in Early childhood, Katia has taken pride in her company and now runs 5 wonderful centers.

Our centers provide your child with the appropriate education in a safe and clean environment. Each of the centers directors take pride in their building and provide their smiling faces and knowledge to help parents in being confident that their children are in the best hands. We appreciate the parent involvement through out our centers and love the provided support we receive from every family.

Every child is placed in their own classroom based on their age group. Our grants enrich our classrooms with Computers and Stem projects that help mold our future scientist, engineers, and future mathematicians. We also run programs like Head Start, Passport, and V-math all of which helps promote school enhancement and readiness.

In order to offer high quality education, our lead teachers hold a CDA or higher degree. We take pride in knowing some of our teachers are bilingual and are able to teach our students both English and Spanish. Our teachers run the Grant School District program every Monday through Friday from 9-12 PM. We encourage creativity, exploration, and discovery through everyday experiences. We take pride in including and teaching the students sign language. Starting from the toddler classroom. We have found the use of sign language has helped students be understood when they cant use or find the words to express themselves.

The prices are attractive – between $95.00 and $145.00 weekly. There is 5% discount for second and third child of the same family. Payments are on advance for the week. When you call or stop by for a tour, you will receive a free book for your child. Also, each month, your child will receive a free book to enhance their literacy at home.

Our summer program that begins each June, includes fun and exciting field trips each week to places like Museum of Natural History,International peace gardens (we are a big advocate in our families cultures), Aquarium, The zoo, Dinosaur museum, Red Butte Gardens, and visit county libraries, etc. Your child gains leadership and life skills by being involved in Tae Kwon Do and “Earn a bike.” This creates a summertime experience every child can get excited about.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour. Your child’s future beings here!