child hydration habits promotion
Child Hydration Habits and Promotion, Part 1
August 11, 2020
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Protecting Children from Flu Season, Part 1
October 13, 2020

Child Hydration Habits and Promotion, Part 2

child hydration habits promotion

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on child hydration, why it’s important and how to maintain it. Vital for everything from daily health to long-term development, hydration is an area parents and other adults must often assist children with, particularly younger children who may simply forget to hydrate if they aren’t reminded.

At Smart Kids Development Center, all our child care services, from preschool to daycare, after school and even our summer camps, are staffed by experienced professionals who understand child hydration needs and how to meet them. We always ensure any children in our programs have access to clean and healthy drinking water at all times, plus are given adequate reminders and assistance where needed. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few additional tactics for keeping kids hydrated, including those who struggle in this area.

Make Water Fun and Tasty

Whether your child has specific issues with drinking water or simply forgets often due to other things on their mind, a great general strategy is making it more fun and interesting. If your child has a specific cup or bottle that’s theirs, consider helping them decorate it or purchasing them a special straw that makes drinking more enjoyable. You can also look for ways to make drinking water into a reward or a fun activity.

Down similar lines, many parents or child care professionals will look for ways to improve water’s taste without impacting its quality. This isn’t necessarily the same as a water substitute, though the theme is similar – you can add mixtures of fruit juice, for example, or even add several fruit types themselves directly to a pitcher of water to increase the flavor. In addition, let your children help mix up the water so they’re invested in it.

Water Temperature

Especially during the summer season we’re still seeing the end of, water temperature is a bigger factor than you might think for kids. They’re often out running around in the sun this time of year, and they need cold water to help hydrate them – and to make the water more attractive to them subconsciously. In addition, colder water also limits the risk of heat exhaustion or other heat risks in your child.

Reusable Bottles

One great theme for both child hydration and general hydration for everyone in the family: Purchase reusable water bottles so everyone has their own. You can hit on personalization themes we went over above for any children here, allowing them to not only have a consistent water supply with them throughout the day, but also to have a container they enjoy and take personal ownership over.

For more on how to promote child hydration, or to learn about any of our child care services, speak to the staff at Smart Kids Development Center today.