Preschool & Daycare Center in Kearns, UT

Smart Kids Development Center in Kearns offers a truly unique combination of opportunities for your children. Situated on a safe and serene 3-acre parcel, this center is one of the largest and most beautiful childcare facilities in Utah. Lush and green, our facility features 4 unique playground areas, each designed to appeal to the needs of a specific age group. One look at our Kearns center and you will understand it’s one of the most sought-after preschool and daycare facilities in the Salt Lake City metro area.


Head Start

We have an Early Head Start Program for Infants, Toddlers, and 2 year old children. This gives these children an exceptional jump start on their education and development.

school age playground other side

Afterschool Programs & Childcare

Parents need the convenience of afterschool programs and childcare, which we provide – including transportation from many the local Kearns-area schools. But what if your children could gain enrichment and additional development at the same time? That’s exactly how we designed our afterschool and childcare programs. Our afterschool program picks up where school programs leave off, helping to reinforce and further education and development. We have childcare programs for every age, from infants to toddlers, transitioning seamlessly into our innovative preschool programs.

Intellectual, Physical, Emotional & Social Development

As in our other centers, our Kearns facility focuses on a developmental curriculum. We believe that healthy childhood development comes about in an environment that combines intellectual, physical, emotional and social learning and growth opportunities.

At Smart Kids Developmental Center in Kearns, we immerse children in experiences that encourage learning and growth while imparting the critical values of respect, responsibility and lifelong friendships.

We continuously update our programs based on the latest scientific research and evidence-based teaching methods. While we provide value, convenience and peace-of-mind for parents, we help their children develop an abiding appreciation for learning and a thirst for knowledge.