Experienced Preschool and Daycare Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking for a daycare in Salt Lake City where your child can truly explore, learn, and grow? Come to Smart Kids Development Center’s Salt Lake City location—where your precious little one will receive the educational and developmental opportunities they need for a healthy start in life.

Salt Lake City Location

Qualified Preschool Teachers, Excellent Programs

Our highly qualified teachers are ready to work to encourage the well-being of your child. These instructors are dedicated to providing expert, compassionate care, and instruction.

Our teachers provide education in a structured environment perfect for nurturing your child. We offer after school programs, summer camps, preschool in Salt Lake City, and so much more, as well as extracurricular activities meant to inspire your child’s holistic growth. Our goal is to maximize your child’s learning potential by inspiring their intellectual growth and to help them build the skills and confidence they will carry into adulthood.

Structured Daycare Programs with a Healthy Dose of Physical Activities

At our Salt Lake City location, our programs will help your child through structured activities, hands-on learning, and independent exploration. Children will also work on math, science, early literacy, and social studies concepts, to name a few. These encourage creative expression, language development, motor coordination, as well as social and emotional skills. A healthy dose of physical activities will keep them active and healthy, too.

Childcare In Partnership with Parents

Smart Kids Development Center also partners with parents, because we believe that this way, we’re building a strong foundation for each child. This also makes our Salt Lake City childcare center a home away from home, where children can feel the support of a caring family.
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