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Our Programs



Infants and Toddlers are at the beginning of their education. The quick rate of their developmental skills keeps our teachers excited and at a constant pace for their growing curriculum and age appropriate strengths.

We have wonderful programs like Early Head Start and Baby Steps in most of our locations, ask our directors for more information in this programs.

Two year old’s

Your two year old is growing quickly, Preschool is just around the corner. Their fine motor skills, potty training, social skills, and independence are becoming more valid. Your child will be at a constant pace for learning and engaging in their everyday needs.


Three year old’s

Jumping into our preschool program your three year old is at the point in their life where curiosity, wonder and new passions fill their time. Our teachers help provide to these curiosities and passions by participating in the Granite School District “We Can” curriculum and our other advanced programs. Your child will gain the opportunity to be a leader, and gain growth towards their personal compassion and service. Smart Kids will utilize their learning foundation and strong curriculum to help enrich your three year old’s mind and body. Curriculum is based upon: themes, language, pre writing and reading, math, science, social studies, arts, motor skills, and social development activities. Your three year old’s specific learning goals will be accomplished each day.


Four year old’s

Your four year old is entering the world of Pre-Kindergarten. Our goal is to have your child ready socially and academically to excel in kindergarten and further elementary. Our teachers understand how your child’s attitude towards their educational development will follow them through their academic career and our goal is to keep them engaged, excited, and interested in learning. Your Pre-K student will be put through a cutting edge program and “We can” curriculum learning, leaderships skills and growth. As an invited partner with Granite School District, we make sure your child is at the appropriate learning experience that correlates with the Utah CORE Pre-Kindergarten guidelines. This will emphasize on self discipline, creativity, math, science, literacy, and all your child’s main developmental areas. We also provide two programs of “Frontline Phonics” and “Saxon Math”. Each of these programs fully provide a foundation using letters, sounds, and math concepts that will help your child with real world skills and develop hands on learning approaches.



Your kindergartner has now developed at age five, the learning attitude towards an educational experience. Thanks to our wonderful teachers, “We Can” Curriculum, Frontline Phonices, Saxon Math and ensuring a multitude of subjects and learning activities. Smart Kids has provided a fun learning program to help endure the Kinder’s as they learn from public school kindergarten each day. Our program offers a great balance of fun, hands on development activities, traditional homework accomplishments, everyday reading and writing skills, that are all managed, organized and practiced in our everyday classroom.


Six- Twelve year old’s “All Stars”

For all children ages 6-12 years, they will be apart of the after-school program as an “All Star.” This is both exciting and educational. Whether your “All star” is getting help with homework (more quality time at home with family), classes, recreation, or everyday questions, they will be excelling.

Transportation to and from your child’s local school will be provided in our buses designed specifically for transporting children. Safety is always foremost key, including seat belts worn at all times.


Leader In Me!

In both Kinder’s and All-stars we implement the program “Leader In me,” This program is designed to build our students self confidence, reduce discipline referrals, and increase academic achievement. By following the “Leader in Me,” in our classrooms we create an opportunity to transform our community and our lives.

“The leader in me isn’t what we do.. its who we are.”