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September 1, 2017
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Parent Tips for Back to School

Fall is upon us, and for parents of school-age children everywhere, you know what that means It’s time to get kids back into school programs, and that comes with a whole yearly process.

At Smart Kids Development Center, we put an emphasis on helping reincorporate children into their programs, whether it’s preschool, after school or any of our other services. Here are some tips for you as a parent.

Meet New Teachers

One of the biggest fears for many children is whether they’ll like their new teacher, so breaking the ice early is important. Take advantage of open houses or back-to-school night, and find out if teachers welcome phone calls or emails. If personal contact can’t be made, try finding their picture from a directory so your child can at least place a name to a face.

Take a Tour

Another good purpose of the open house is to familiarize your child with the surroundings in the school, particularly if they haven’t ever gone to this school before. With older children, you can ask them to give you the tour instead – this will help refresh their memory, and yours.

Supply Lists

Obtain a supply list for all classes, and make a special shopping trip with your child. Allow them to buy a few fun items they prefer, as this can take some of the negativity out of returning to school. These supply lists can also give you an advanced preview of some of the schoolwork that might be ahead.

Avoid Last-Minute

Kids need some down time before school begins, and last-minute drills to get supplies or go over materials can just increase their anxiety. Whenever possible, look to keep them calm leading up to their return.


Help your children reconnect with any friends you know they have, including calling parents and arranging play dates. These kinds of lifelines can make all the difference for kids with social anxiety about returning to class.


Try to ease into the new school routine, as children will need some time to re-adjust. Practice your routine for a few days before school actually starts to help kids get comfortable.

To learn more about back-to-school routines or find out information about any of our child care programs, speak to the educators at Smart Kids Development Center today.