High-Quality Child Care and Education Services in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

We provide high-quality childcare and education to children starting at 2 weeks of age through age 12.


Our Infant and Toddler Area:

Smart Kids provides early stimulation to infants and toddlers. We have a learning smart kids development center preschool environment for little ones, with different areas of interest and fun play that stimulate learning. Babies exercise and dance with songs, we read them twice a day and and also do art time. We have outside time every day in our special designed infant playground. The center is in the Baby Steps, state program for infants and toddlers that demands and supervise quality infant care.

We provide all meals and feed babies every 3 hours.

Childcare For Kids 2 and Older:

We do preschool from 9 to 12pm every day starting with the 2-year-old class and we teach Spanish in afternoons and sign language in the preschool and kindergarten classes.

We have a puppet or magic show every month as long as parties, field trips and fun activities planned with the kids.

We have bilingual teachers in all classrooms. All of them are first Aid and CPR trained, have a food handler permit and studies on early childhood education.

Our state of the art facilities in Salt  Lake were special designed for kids safety and learning. Our classrooms are spacious, bright and colorful to motivate children. We created a learning environment with different areas of interest on each class.Our spacious outside playground area has a sand box, shade area and nature trees for the kids to play and relax.

We serve 4 nutritious meals a day: breakfast, lunch and two snacks, prepared in our commercial on-site kitchen area. Smart Kids participates in the state food program and is in compliance with all children’s nutrition regulations.

We provide transportation to all elementary schools in the area.

We have summer time camps for school age kids, with fun field trips every day and activities like, ice skating, bowling, swimming, modeling and picture days, cooking and sports.