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October 1, 2017
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January 14, 2020

The Common Domains of Child Development

At Smart Kids Development Center, a big part of our goal is found squarely within our name – we want to provide the proper child care programs to help your child develop properly in a comfortable environment. Our day care, after school care and day school programs are all geared directly to finding ways to improve this process.

One broad theme we’re cognizant of during our programs is that of child domains during early development. These are various areas in which children develop as they age – all the cognitive, emotional and physical factors that shape them into who they are. Let’s look at each of these domains, all of which are kept in mind by our child care specialists.

Gross Motor

The gross motor is simply when the child learns to use the big muscle groups in the body. Children who are leaning to walk are honing their gross motor, as are kids who are playing games or sports at recess. These skills start as early as preschool or before.

Fine Motor

Hand-eye coordination is natural for some kids, but not for all. Some children have to learn how to control the muscles in their hands for better coordination, and there are ways to teach this in the classroom: Use of scissors, coloring, playing with Legos, drawing and more. Later in life, these can turn into other skills like playing an instrument.


The language domain takes years to perfect, often even into adulthood. For young children, reading and speaking to them as often as possible is vital to help them communicate wants, needs, and opinions.


This is a domain developed to help kids understand cause and effect. It will also aid in math skills and recognizing patterns.

Social and Emotional

Children have to socialize to have long term success, and time spent with other children helps prepare them for things like sharing, manners and overall social behavior.

Self Help and Adaptive

In the school environment, children begin having to rely on themselves for bits at a time. This is valuable in the way it teaches them self-reliance – similar to how potty training would as well, for instance.

Morals and Values

Children can learn a lot about themselves and about accepted morals and values in a classroom environment. Teachers can provide positive influences and help kids grasp the subtleties of what’s right and what’s wrong. They can also learn to see different viewpoints from other children, and to accept that others might be different from them and that this isn’t a bad thing.

For more on child development domains, or to learn more about any of our developmental programs, speak to the educators at Smart Kids Development Center today.