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The Subtle Benefits of Learning a Second Language

In certain areas, the benefits of a child learning a second language are outwardly obvious. A diverse world demands diverse knowledge, and knowing more than one language can open up employment and other opportunities later in life.

There are also several benefits when it comes to overall learning, however, and we’re mindful of those at Smart Kids Development center. Our child care programs include Spanish and sign language programs beginning as early as preschool. Here are some of the benefits that come with learning a second language that you may not have known about.

More Confidence With Current Language

Children who struggle with certain English concepts may find that learning a second language makes things easier for them. It can help teach better understanding of the roots of certain conventions within our language, and will make English areas feel all that much easier compared to the new language. Many of these major languages are related, and learning more about one can enhance real knowledge of another.

Sharper Communication Skills

Learning a new language requires detailed and attentive listening, and this theme can be very valuable for kids who struggle with these communication skills. They’ll naturally learn better techniques for interpreting gestures and facial motions, a big part of communication. They’ll also come to understand better ways of expressing themselves, often even beyond words.

Preferred Learning Styles

As more and more is learned about how different people learn in different ways, these factors are becoming more important in day care and educational settings. Some people are visual learners, others are audio learners, and there are several categories in between. Learning a new language presents a new challenge, one that can help identify a child’s preferred learning style.


As kids begin to succeed at learning a new language, their confidence will skyrocket – potentially in areas beyond language, too. This is a major hill to climb for many kids, and getting better at it can instill a real sense of confidence. It may make kids more willing to try other things they’re reticent about, and could lead to a big expansion of their body of knowledge even beyond the new language they’re learning.

Want to find out about our second language programs, or interested in any of our other day care services? The educators at Smart Kids Development Center are standing by to assist you.