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Tips for Creating a Routine With Your Infant

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As everyone with kids is well aware of, having a child totally changes your schedule. You’re waking up at crazy times, going new places and devoting all sorts of time to your new baby. Managing your schedule is a big part of getting through the early stages of having a child.

Schedules are also very important for your baby – both when to enforce them and, just as importantly, when not to enforce them. Certain bits of routine are good and healthy for the baby, but too rigid a format could end up a negative.

At Smart Kids Development Center, our infant and toddler child care programs are aimed at perfectly striking this balance between regimented and unscheduled infant activities. Here are a few basic tips for how to establish a routine without going too far.


Your baby doesn’t always need to go to sleep at the same times, but setting a different pattern of activity at night to help calm the child organically is a great way to establish a moderate routine. Talk more quietly after a certain time of night, and dim the lights. When your baby wakes during the night, keep these same quiet themes in place for consistency.

For naps, there doesn’t need to be a rigid schedule unless your baby seems to prefer it. At Smart Kids Development Center, we cater our infant day care programs to the needs of each individual child.


Baths likewise don’t have to be at a set time, but as many babies dislike this process early on, keeping things consistent and comfortable is important. Have all their supplies ready in advance, and keep soft towels around so you can set your baby down if needed. If you can help your baby see bath time as a relaxing period, things will quickly get easier.


Feedings should generally be done more often during the day, both for health reasons and because this makes it easier for babies to sleep at night. Temporarily waking the baby for one last feeding right before you go to sleep for the night can be a good tactic, though – it actually can help babies sleep for a longer stretch without waking.

At Smart Kids Development Center, we provide all the meals for infants and toddlers, and we feed babies roughly once every three hours.

Vary It Up

This may sound contrary to a “routine,” but mixing things up for your baby is a great way to keep them from growing anxious with too-familiar daily events. Exercise, reading and crafts are all good ways to keep things fresh, and are all services we offer daily at Smart Kids Development Center.

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