child care location proximity
Child Care Location: Proximity to Common Needs
August 4, 2021
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Reinforcing Child Reading Skills: Reading Aloud, SLC Library Themes
October 4, 2021

Child Care Location: Related Factors to Consider

child care location factors

In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed some basics on why the location of your child’s care is so important. Whether for preschool, after school care, daycare or any other program you’re sending your child to, the physical location — and its proximity to other important areas in your life — is a major factor to consider.

At Smart Kids Development Center, we’re proud to offer numerous child care programs from a convenient, central area that allows for parents from many parts of Salt Lake City and the surrounding valley to utilize our services. While part one of our series went over location themes that speak to the proximity of your child care center to other major hubs in your life, today’s part two will hit on some additional concepts you might consider when it comes to choosing the ideal child care location.

Part of Neighborhood or Community

In many neighborhoods and communities, preschools or other child care centers serve as community centers, offering everything from swim lessons to art classes that are sometimes even open to the public. Take advantage of these community resources! By joining these programs, you’re not only getting access to special child care programs, but you’re also investing in local businesses and neighbors.

There’s no rule stating you have to choose a facility in your direct community, but doing so can give you more of a sense of community, no matter where your child attends daycare or preschool. Even if the center on the opposite side of town has some cool features that interest you, it can be worth looking into local options first.

Views from Inside Classrooms

An additional point to consider when choosing your child care location is the view your kids have from inside the classroom. We at Smart Kids Development Center are lucky to be centrally located with classrooms that feature windows in every room, allowing for natural light and scenic views of the Salt Lake Valley. And of course, our actual outdoor access options are vast, helping kids account for all that energy in safe, productive ways.

Design and Setup

While it’s not necessarily a theme specific to a given location, we also want to highlight the design and setup of child care centers and programs. When it comes to preschool for kids, we’ve always found that having a designated area just for learning is the most beneficial. Kids love playtime as much as they do school time, so having an actual space designed for their age-appropriate educational needs can help maximize the value of your child’s center experience.

For more on choosing the ideal location for your child care needs, or to learn about any of our programs or services, speak to the staff at Smart Kids Development Center today.