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Easter and Spring Child Activities: Health and Outdoor Safety

easter spring child health safety

While Easter itself is still a couple months off, this springtime holiday is one that helps usher in the changing seasons and some of the seasonal positivity that goes with it. It’s a particularly enjoyable time for many children, who love Easter egg hunts and some of the other outdoor activities that become available this time of year.

At Smart Kids Development Centers, our child care program staff members are always cognizant of not only upcoming holidays, but also seasonal changes and the kinds of areas kids like to enjoy within them – all while maintaining child safety, health and behavioral themes. While you’ve still got plenty of time to prep, here are some tips not only on Easter egg hunts themselves, but also on related outdoor activities and how to keep kids safe and free of risks during them.

Healthy Options

For starters, both in terms of what’s inside Easter eggs and more general dietary areas for your children, going the healthy route is always preferred. While Easter eggs are associated with chocolate and sugar in most cases, you can make prudent choices here that limit the negative health impacts of these items. Perhaps only a select group of eggs come with chocolate, while others include healthier treats or rewards.

Choking Hazards and Toy Safety

One very important factor for all younger children is the avoidance of choking hazards. This is an area that spans numerous themes, from toy safety (especially with smaller toys like Legos) to not leaving children under a certain age unsupervised.

And when it comes to Easter egg hunts and related activities, this same theme applies. Know that children won’t constantly have an adult eye on them while searching for eggs – no part of the egg or anything inside it should be a choking hazard. If you use toys instead of candy for your eggs, check age limits on these toys.

Outdoor Safety

Like any other situation where kids are outside, basic safety measures should be taken by adults caring for them. For starters, while egg hunts and related activities will indeed allow children to roam around to some level, there must be strict rules placed on this – kids should know their boundaries and have specific consequences laid out if they break them.

In addition, any area where springtime activity like an Easter egg hunt will take place should be inspected beforehand for safety, especially if you’re going to a new location. Make sure there aren’t any hazards or threatening animals nearby that might cause problems.

For more on how to ensure child safety and health during spring activities like Easter egg hunts, or to learn about any of our child care programs like preschool, daycare, summer camp or others, speak to the staff at Smart Kids Development Centers today.