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New Parent Child Care: Timing, Care Quality and Convenience

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Are you an expecting mother or father with a child on the way in the near future? Firstly, congratulations! This is one of the most exciting periods in any of our lives, but it’s also one that comes with several areas you should be thinking about and preparing for.

At Smart Kids Development Center, we’re here to help with one major such area for many parents: Identifying and completing child care signup and registration at a high-quality child care center. We have numerous parent resources available to help you understand our programs and services, plus to assist you with getting started if you’re an expecting parent navigating the daycare or child care process for the first time. This two-part blog series will go over several important details to keep in mind as you arrange child care in advance for a new family addition.

Timing Considerations

Firstly, note that we specifically said “in advance” just above – these two words are important here. Expecting parents absolutely should not be waiting until their child is born, or even until their child is reaching the age where they can attend daycare or other child care programs, to begin researching and even registering for such programs.

This is because, as many current parents are well aware, child care is a competitive industry. All parents naturally want the best care for their children, and the best facilities may have long waiting lists or significant application processes to wade through. Some expecting parents will begin this process almost as soon as they become aware there’s a new family addition coming, and you should definitely be getting started at least a few months before birth – if for no other reason than simply how busy and stressed you’ll be once your new baby is actually born.

Environment and Care Themes

As you’re evaluating your options for daycare and other child care for a new child, keep your broad care and environment theme sin mind. Do you prefer a traditional environment, or a more unique type? Do you want caregivers who comfort crying infants, or those who let them cry until they’re quiet? Do you prefer reading to the child during naptime, or soothing music? These and numerous other basic concepts are those you should keep in mind and inquire about when researching your options.

Quality Over Convenience

While convenience is certainly important for many parents, including big areas like proximity to your home and child schools, it cannot be the only factor you evaluate – particularly if it causes you to go with a low-quality child care center. The level of care, qualifications of staff and reputation in the local community all matter a great deal when finding the best care for your child, and you should not sacrifice major areas here just to shorten your drive a couple minutes.

For more on choosing a child care center as an expecting parent, or to learn about any of our daycare, preschool or other programs, speak to the staff at Smart Kids Development Center today.