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Easing Drop-Off Stress: Tips for Child Comfort
June 8, 2021
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August 4, 2021

Easing Taylorsville Drop-Off Stress: General Parent Tips

easing drop-off stress parent

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the ins and outs of limiting stress and anxiety for your child during drop-off for child care. Especially for young children who aren’t yet familiar with spending time away from their parents, but even for some older kids, the drop-off period can be a bit difficult – but there are simple ways to make it much easier, both on your child and on you.

At Smart Kids Development Center, we’re happy to assist with any and all details of our child care programs in Taylorsville, including drop-off and pickup needs. Whether you’re dropping your child off for preschool, daycare, summer camp or any of our other quality programs, we’ll ensure both parents and kids alike know what to expect and are prepared. While part one of our series focused on tactics to assist your kids with drop-off stress, today’s part two will go over some approaches to take from the parent side of things.

Advanced Research

First and foremost, doing advanced research is important – both on the child care program you’ll be participating in, for one, but also on the way drop-off is handled once you’ve chosen your program. All child care facilities will generally offer a standard template for how drop-off will take place, including basics like the exact location, what kids need to have with them and more. If you arrive at drop-off with no idea what’s going on, you’re only adding to any confusion or anxiety that your child may be feeling.

Night-Before Checklist

One of the most common struggles for parents when dropping their kids off: Simply remembering everything, from their lunch or snacks to things like diapers, extra clothes, bottles, wipes and potentially several other items.

If you know you’re prone to forgetfulness on these items, a great tactic is to handle it the night before. Create a basic checklist for yourself, and ensure it’s completed each night before you go to sleep.

Be Prepared for Stress

Especially near the start of your child’s experiences with outside child care, it’s a simply reality that no matter how well you prepare them for drop-off, there may be some stress and anxiety. Your child may cry or otherwise express displeasure, especially while they’re still getting used to the process of drop-off. Do what you can to soothe them of course, but don’t be shocked if there are some tears.

Check In

Finally, particularly if you’re working with a new child care program, be sure to check in regularly. Many programs have basic online portals or similar options for keeping tabs on your child during a given day – once you’ve established a relationship with staff and the facility, you’ll know exactly how to keep in touch.

For more on easing the strain of drop-off for your child during any child care program, or to learn about any of our child preschool, daycare or other child care services in Taylorsville and other parts of Utah, speak to the staff at Smart Kids Development Center today.